tomtac's Journal

Tom the Alien Cat
24 March
I love work. I can sit and watch it all day.

One of the best ways for me to be idle:
1) I try to pinpoint what is making me feel saddest about the world.
2) Then I pray about it.
3) I hope that someday the prayers will help the sad thing turn to what God intended.

Yes, I believe in God. That is the one thing that I place at the center of my life.
When I was a child, no one did what I wanted. I was told, "When you grow up, then you can have things just the way you want them".

When I grew up, I interacted with (1) other people, (2) my spouse, (3) children, and (4) cats. No one did what I wanted.

That is why I became a computer programmer. When I tell a computer to do something, it may be something good to do, or may be a horrible mistake to do, but either way, the computer will try to do it.