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A Match with Muhammad Ali - Tom the Alien Cat [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tom the Alien Cat

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A Match with Muhammad Ali [Jun. 4th, 2016|08:51 am]
Tom the Alien Cat
If you are wondering what Muslims are like, hear me when I say that nearly all the ones that I've met are admirable, good people.

I respected this man.

He proclaimed his faith by living it, not preaching with words.

The story was that he carried a book of matches around with him. At those times when he was tempted to something that he knew was wrong, he might take the matchbook out. Then he might light a match, and then blow it out, and then hold the hot end between his fingers.

It hurt, it burned his skin. And he'd say to himself, "You think this is hot? Hell is much hotter than that."

The dedication to doing what is right carried over to the rest of his life. Read all the tributes you are seeing out there right now.

I hope he is remembered for that part of his character.

God's Blessings.